About Knowist

Knowist's simple goal is to help knowledge professionals in every way we can to expand and update their skillsets. These people are very busy, already highly skilled, but humble enough to know they have to continuously learn more. We help with a variety of specialist topics in areas such as mathematics, software development and cloud operations.

Founder - Eamon O'Tuathail

Knowist Academy was founded by Eamon O'Tuathail. Eamon has worked across Europe as a software engineer, technical architect, project manager and trainer on projects covering cloud-based storage, engineering management systems, eCommerce portals, protocol design, large multithreaded high-throughput financial messaging, X.509 Certification Authority, aerospace visualisation, seismic imaging and lots more.

Eamon is co-author of RFC 4227 and its predecessor, RFC 3288. The core innovation behind IETF BEEP, that of multiplexing many concurrent independent bi-directional channels over a single secure connection, has been adopted as the central new feature of the upcoming HTTP/3.

Eamon is acknowledged as one of the world's leading security software architects.

He wrote the world's only detailed guide to Angular's internals (with this set of diagrams showing its architecture) and these have drawn much feedback from the Angular community, including core Google Angular project team members, e.g.: Igor Minar, Rob Wormald and Stephen Fluin.

From time to time Eamon gives talks at various developer community meetups, such as the Dublin Angular Meetup, which results in good feedback from attendees, e.g. "Jaw dropping (sorry, I'm not an Angular expert but I think most of the audience was the same) content by Eamon." [link]

Eamon is an engineering graduate (B.A., B.A.I) of Trinity College, University of Dublin.