Knowist Research Academy

Dear Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of knowledge-intensive companies worldwide: Let Knowist Research Academy be your company's advanced research group! Many companies have a so-called Research & Development (R&D) department, but more often than not, these really are just (product) development teams. They iteratively engineer product and services with near-term deadlines to specific requirements ('user stories') as set down by the product manager or client. Yes, the knowledge professionals within these teams are highly skilled, but let's be frank – they have very little time to spare from their day to day workloads and impending deadlines to really look at the big picture and properly investigate what is happening around what they are immediately trying to create.

That is where Knowist Research Academy comes in. We like to think that we act like a mob of meerkats for the benefit our CTO subscribers! Meerkats are distinctive animals from the Kalahari Desert that are constantly standing tall and intently observing what is happening all around them. There is both danger and opportunity lurking out there in the desert. They quickly relay useful and relevant information to others (e.g. an approaching predator).

Similarly, for any knowledge-intensive activity, there is a critical need to keep a close eye on what is happening across the industry, to try out new (and yes, competing) technical approaches, to create prototypes using tools and frameworks that are in beta or even pre-beta, to measure performance data and in general, simply to be very curious. Knowist Research Academy does all that for you. It is available as a subscription service aimed at Chief Technology Officers, product managers, software architects and other kinds of senior decision makers. We take a broad view of the marketplace. We have a keen interest in a wide sprectrum of technologies and services offerings. We like to try out new things. We like to break things. We like to explore, observe, evaluate; take things apart to really see how they work. Our goal is to offer insight and advice, explain discoveries and what not to do, to experiment and innovate. Research Academy is available on an annual subscription with regular updates throughout the year.

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